Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Quan Dinero - Im Trying Get Rich (Mixtape + Review)

DMV artist Quan Dinero returns with his latest project "Im Trying Get Rich". 23 tracks powered by the $AY-WORK ENT label (@Sayworkent @QuanDinero__). There are a few features on this tape, Big Pack, Suave Milliano, Pablo Banks, Eazy, 
Fort Chapin Quan, Suave Milliano and 
Razin hosted by DJ 837.

When listening to this project I get the street feel that is very well repersented by represented, the streets really influenced this project.

The intro is a strong track with a nice flow and that always a good thing for me, not hearing much music from him before this tape it was refreshing to hear something cool, it made me want to hear more of what he has to say, and thats not always the case with many artist now days.

"Fur Ona Coat" was the next track that was something that I felt has reply value, something to ride to, for the trap fans, its def some gems for the streets when it comes to bars, listen close and you will understand.

Big Pack is the only artist featured twice, but the feature/song that got me is "Parking Lot", the hook was successful, not a fan of auto tune but for most it will serve its purpose. Suave had a good verse, he attacked the beat very confident, solid song.

The middle of the tape gets personal for Quan as an artist, not really no features, besides a produced track, but he talks about life, struggles, the streets, past mistakes, death and even pens a song to his mother, that visually lets you see/feel his pain.

Its a lot of tracks to ride, smoke and say "real shit" too. For me I was listening for the radio hit or club banger, as for the club i'm feeling "Molly On Deck", it just feels like a turn up track, you in the club with a cup or blunt in your hand type vibe.

The song titled "Think About It" was the most clear complete song on this tape to me, maybe the more marketable idk about radio ready because the day and age we are in but its def a quality track with good production and mixing.

Its more work to be done of course, but its progression as an artist that I see when listening to the older music, and watching some of the videos that were released. What I can say it that Quan fits good in the DMV lane and have a good chance to build more buzz in the future!

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