Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Jewel - Tell Me ft. Beau Young Prince

DMV’s Jewel creates vividly dark fantasy with “Tell Me.” There’s no denying that “Tell Me” contains all the elements necessary for a successful party-type drug ballad. A melodic hook, low baseline, soothingly cryptic vocals, and a signature verse from DC’s Beau Young Prince, “Tell Me” propels the Maryland songstress from anonymity to an artist whose proving herself through the music. While “Tell Me” acts as an ode to late nights and party life, the track’s feeling is that of a new-wave love song; a modern take on discovering fleeting affection in the most transient of times. “Tell me would you mind if I take a trip/Put it on your tongue it’s gonna get you lit” and “Tell me if it’s cool if your friend came too/Fu*k a plus one, it’s a plus two.” are delivered infectiously; a slow-flo delivery that’s en route to becoming a staple in Jewels artistry. Only her second release, Jewel’s vocal quality and songwriting ability are beyond expectations and with BYP’s catchy wordplay rounding out the record, try telling me Jewel isn’t a diamond in the rough. via Respect

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