Monday, November 28, 2016

Thirsty4POP - Tranzlator 2.0 (Video)

Comprised of Azia Toussaint and Jahzeel Delgado, Thirsty 4 Pop (T4P) is a multi-faceted Hip Hop duo with a story that begins at Virginia State University. It would be at this venue of higher learning that the two would meet and identify a kindred spirit in one another which would subsequently serve as the basis for their mutually shared career interests in fashion and music and a relentless journey towards success.

In 2014, T4P would collaborate with music producer, Brent "Faroh" Toussaint, to release their debut mixtape, The Ratchet Sessions - a project that effectively boasted their ability to hold their own amidst a male dominated genre while also highlighting their fashion forward sensibilities, creative visions, and social perspectives on female empowerment, equality, and assertiveness.

T4P has recently wrapped their forthcoming EP entitled, Die Nasty. The project emanates the tone and feel of Hip Hop's current landscape but deviates just enough to give the listeners a potent dose of the Thirsty 4 Pop elixir. And with cosignatory feature support from the likes of Maino and Tory Lanez, Die Nasty is sure to be satisfying and empowering on a multitude of fronts. Thirsty yet?

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