Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sub, Episode XI #SubWebSeries "The Exodus" (Video)

Check out the Sub Web Series episode 11, wait if this is your first time watching you need to go back and watch them fully. You even can check my interview with some of the cast at the start of their series. So look if you live or from the DMV you will understand this fully and wouldn't really need help, based in MD the Sub Series wants to show the everyday struggles and drama that most people go through. DC isn't the only place where it goes down. Me personally like this series because being born and raised in PG county I can relate. Production is getting better and better with each drop but to really get the point of the Sub across fully the production has to be even more clear for the masses to be able to grasp, but I'm a fan or the process and know with the passion and hard work things have no choice but to get larger. Creator & Director of I socials are twitter @MLbMoIG/SC=MajorLeagueMo.

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