Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Omar Get Em - Sensations EP + Review

Omar Get Em presents, The Sensations EP. 
Written & produced by Omar himself, 
this EP is 4 tracks of high quality, trap influenced hip hop.

His project from the artwork and the colors do a good job of making things look interesting, if you know me, you know that is really important. When you listen its referenced in "Tha Sequel"  (the bottle of water). The EP starts off very aggressive as Omar seems very agressive/hungry to get his point across to the listeners. The Casio watch is the second object that is mentioned of the EP artwork as well maybe its me, but it means something. "Recollection" speeds up the tone while getting personal about the hustle, as you listen you tend to learn more about the artist while adjusting to his sound. Next up is the EP titled track "Sensations" putting VA on his back this track explains the ups and downs, dope hook and production you are able to vibe out. Soon you get to the last track on the project "Trill", following the format of the previous track you get the heavy production and the message in the hook. The project was dope. The first half of the project had some type of extended time via each track, witch I thought was dope. The switch was also. I give this project a solid grade, but that was really hard because of this not be a full tape. I wanted to hear more, but we all know the point of an EP, so if your like me and wanna hear more go back to his soundcloud, or just wait on it!

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