Wednesday, July 6, 2016

MallyDaGreat - Splash (review)

MallyDaGreat isn't your typical DMV artist he's different with a trap style that's fun to watch, or shall I say listen to. When you take a look at the visuals and read the tweets, you will see exactly what I mean. "Splash" is his newest project, witch was released last month. You can download/stream it here! Its trap yea, artsy and true to his hometown (DC, MD, VA). The project starts off with defining who he is as an artist with the track titled "MX3" leading into "iSupply", witch to me is that track that shows his style and provides that high turn up, something that is drug related, but you feel every word, ha! Producer Jay$plash makes a quick impact, they seem to work well together, I mean of course they do, as he is the only producer on the tape. With good beat selection to fit Mally's style they are able to keep the sound very consistent.  Listening to the project as they reach the mid point things start to heat up. "Long Story" and "50 Styles" serve the grungy shit talking, emotional purpose that every artist needs.

"Dealership" is the standout track, the track that if you direct videos, you want to be apart of. When you think about it, its the track that makes you feel good, adds swag and can be played in almost any situation. The tape serves its purpose, proves its point, and you can of course blast a few tracks in your whip, based on the group of rap its in. Mally isn't your lyrical artist, he's your sing along to the chorus, ad-lib crazy, ill give you a creative track that you will remember artist. The artwork servers its purpose, that is very important, it kinda means everything, if you know what I mean. 10 tracks with the conclusion leaving the fan wanting more. Listening to this project you will defiantly get a feel for who Mally is, and depending on your genre of rap that you support, you of course are gonna be able to make any assumption that you wish, I mean isn't that what people do ? You can follow MallyDaGreat on Twitter! You also can see with your own eyes what im trying to describe, by watching Mally staring in some new visuals!

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