Saturday, July 9, 2016

JR Lowe - Shook Ones

Put Some Respect On My Race
         Let me start by saying, I don’t hate white people (one of my studio engineers is white & I have white friends). I don’t hate police officers ( I have family & close friends who are officers). What I’m saying is, my people need a lot more respect than what we’ve been receiving from some white people and police officers! It’s a shame that some white people feel the need to “clinch their purse” when they walk past a black person, or cross the street at night when a black person is walking towards them! Why do you’ll fear us so much? We are humans just as you are. Wait! I know why you’ll fear us; it’s the way that society depicts us “black people”. See it may seem as if we are free because we are able to drink from the same fountain, or attend the same schools, or rides the same busses, but none of that mean anything because mentally they still see us as criminals,crooks,gangsters, and gangbangers and thats the way they will continue to treat us!  See the problem is although we “blacks” may have gained freedom, we are still slaves in the mind of this society.
 PLEASE DON’T GET ME WRONG! I am not basing the actions of a few white people upon their whole race. But, why does it feel like that’s what they do to us?
 Why is that I get pulled over at night because I drive a BUICK PARK AVE!? Wait! I know why; its because you officers already accepted the depiction that a black male driving this type of car is a criminal, crook, gangster, or gangbanger! Why do you feel the need to come to the black communities when you’ll need to reach your quotas. It’s because you’ll already bought in to the argument that, “blacks aren’t valuable to this society anyway and it’ll be easy to believe they’re doing wrong!” Once again, I know it isn’t all cops but it seems to be the majority. 
Check this out, A white person or police officer gets killed, and they get the justice they deserve. The person that kills them get convicted and the person who died family receives condolences, and all that good stuff. Thats cool; I respect that. That’s the way it should be! So tell me why my black people can’t receive that same type of justice?!?! We are so often getting the short end of the stick that we have just come to accept it! We accept it because if we speak out on it, we are crazy because everyone is treated equal “in their mind”. “They’re criminals they deserve to die, They are crooks they deserve to die, They’re are gangster they deserve to die, They’re gangbangers they deserve to die”. No we are all not, DON’T BE IGNORANT. Every race or organization (police departments) have its good seeds and bad seeds, why is it that we are the only race defined by our bad seeds?!?! This has to stop!! 
To all my christians we need prayer and faith that things will get better. To my activist we need “efficient” protests & marches to continue to get our voices heard! To my celebrities we need you’ll to use y’all platform to reach those people higher up that can help us. To all my people who understand where we are coming from we need you’ll support as well. And to all the people who still chose to down us and see pass our hurt……..peace & blessing - Get Ready for the Change! 

- JR Lowe 

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