Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sonny Guapo - R.E.D (Review)

In May Sonny Guapo released his R.E.D (Big Guap) project!

Sonny Guapo is a DMV artist with a different sound, as you can tell when listening to the project.

The project starts off with a dark intro, leading into the project titled track R.E.D. Its number of producers on this project witch adds to the diversity. Guapo's sound isn't your normal DMV sound. When you listen to "Hey Selena" (my favorite track) you get the laid back feel, and will realize that unlike some other artist Guapo can actually make a song. 

Working with many producers will always change the mood of a project, and thats what happens toward the middle of the project. His "Heisman" ft 3ohBlack is more hype with a different flow, targeted to the club and dance fans, you know the people who love to turn up. 

The ending of the tape is once again back to the slow and single track records like "Cameras". So check out Sonny Guapo's newest work, and tell me how you feel. I have quoted the standout tracks to make it easy for you to judge, support your DMV artist or become a fan of them!

You can follow Guapo via his TWITTER, and listen to his project HERE!