Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chaz French live at DC 9 Sunday

The name Chaz is defined as a man in the Germanic language and is a role he learned the meaning of early in life. Born in the Nation's Capital and raised in Maryland, those who know Chaz best would describe him as a survivor, having lived through a near-death car accident and being homeless. He credits these experiences, along with many other extreme growing pains, to his continued perseverance as a performing artist in the music industry. His work is also inspired by the life of his daughter, the support of both his mother and brother (Eddie Vanz), and the camaraderie of his team known as The Gallery Family. Despite the struggles, Chaz French developed a level of individualistic creativity uncommon of many rappers in the DMV that is always conveyed through his music and style. Listeners will hear transparent, unapologetic lyrics that paint a vivid picture of pride, love, fun, and pain; messages similar to those shared by his artistic inspirations, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kanye West. The early twenty-something is never not working on his craft - be it recording in a studio, writing while on daddy duty, or promoting his music to the masses. Touring and Grammy aspirations matched with million-dollar dreams underline Chaz French's endeavors, with recent performances at noteworthy music events such as SXSW in Austin, TX and Broccoli City Festival in Washington, DC. With a colorful past and sharp focus on the future, leaving a mark that impacts the music industry and the world, much like how Michael Jordan left his on the NBA, is a goal Chaz French will easily achieve much sooner than later. Buy tickets HERE

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