Thursday, August 6, 2015

(Event) Artifest 2015 8.15.15

BNE Entertainment is excited to present Artifest 2015, an arts showcase, extravaganza intended to highlight and celebrate the Arts community in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, ("the DMV"). 

Artifest 2015 will feature artistic expressions of all types and is designed with two purposes in mind: first, our primary aim is to express our pride in this area’s local artists by providing a venue and opportunity for the display and expression of their talent. Second, in this time of heightened tensions nationally, our aim is to eliminate the lingering fear of summer events. Artifest 2015 will be an event where families come together to enjoy all that this area has to offer from live performances by a variety of local performing artists and groups, to fashion scenes and catwalk battles by local advanced modeling troupes in the DMV area, to creative expression relayed in paintings, sculptures, wood, metal and leather work, jewelry designs and any other creative and artistic form of expression popularized and enjoyed in our area. Artifest 2015 will be a fun, safe, creative meeting of artistic minds to embrace and celebrate the arts. Planned as the first of an annual series, Artifest 2015 will provide people of all backgrounds something to look forward to that is both competitive and fun. 

Scheduled for August 15, 2015, Artifest 2015 will prove to be not only a great start to the fall and school season, but will jump start the fall season with this unique expression of the DMV’s love for local art. The DMV is a cultural melting pot that is home to some of the most talented and often unique artists in this world. Artifest 2015 will appeal to all age groups and to a wide variety of people. We hope that you will enjoy everything that we have to offer and it’s all planned to occur under one roof - the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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