Monday, January 12, 2015

Playing Position (Article) By: Diamond LaShawn

What happens when you meet someone and immediately hit it off? Sparks? Sex? Social Media Stalking?
Or simply beating around the bush via text messages and phone calls? Either way, in the beginning stages, you’re always trying to figure that person out or what their situation was prior to you meeting them. I hear guys and girls saying the same things all the time. “I’m just gonna play my position.” “I’m just gonna stay in my lane”

This is where the problem arises.
You cannot just ASSUME a position.
How can you play a position that hasn’t been explained to you? Can you fully work a job without knowing the job description? EXACTLY! Shit. It’s pretty hard to be a mind reader. Communication is key. For many though, your position may be dictated by how that persons treats you. After a while, based on actions you know where you stand with a person right?  Let’s just say you’re not the first priority.. (You know when you aren’t the first priority!) How do you play your position. If you are in fact playing any position, we know it is not THE POSITION as number 1. So What are the rules for playing your position as the number 2?

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for number 2. This is strictly for those who enjoy the pointless.

The Rules
1.Know what you want from this person. Proceed Accordingly. If you eventually want to be with this person be smart about what
you say, and how you allow them to treat you.
2. If you like that person never be too forward with your emotions.. Ya’ll heard Jay -Z.
3.Don’t be easy. Difficult people are sought after because people love a mystery. Let their number one be the easy one.
4. Always remember your position. Don’t be foolish and fall in love with what could be.
if it was going to be, it would be..
5. Always demand what you want. Ask questions. But be prepared for whatever response you get.
6. Never be the pursuer.(You aren’t the only one trying to be the “chosen one””
7. . If you choose to be intimate with that person be sure to know that you’re running the risk of being a fuck buddy.
Oh, and use condoms, a baby isn’t gonna make you number 1. (neither is an STD)
8. Be smart enough to know that you’re playing a game.
9. If playing the game no longer suits your needs or hasn’t progressed, move on.
10. Don’t force it.

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