Tuesday, January 27, 2015

False Claims (Article) by @TheeUndeniable (Read Here)

Ok so if you’re from a small city or if you’re popular in anyway, I’m sure you’ve encountered problems when dating. There is always an issue when getting to know someone new. As soon as you tell people about them, the issue is always, You can’t talk to him, that’s my ex from 10th grade” or “That’s my bro! You talk to my bro ?!” and last but not least, “Everybody knows him/her, they talk to a lot of people.”
Ok. So now what?

How do you navigate through dating when everyone knows everyone? For women it looks bad because it may appear as if you’re getting passed around. As a man, it looks bad because women won’t want to deal with a guy who is either too mixy or been with all their “friends”. It gets really difficult when you meet someone and EVERYBODY wants to tell you something about them. I.e. “He used to talk to me back in 3rd grade..”, “Yeah she used to talk to my mans and them”
I’m sorry, but who cares?

Just because you guys played Basketball with each other over the summer does not make you guys siblings. & texting does not mean y’all “talk.” In my opinion, if you haven’t spent quality time with that person or had relations with them, they don’t count.
I don’t see the point in blocking someone else’s happiness with outdated or fraudulent claims. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone is recycled! Get over it. It didn’t work with you.. It may work with your homie from middle school. Accept it.

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