Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meet Clothing Brand Bandit Starz (Charlotte NC)

So what is Bandit Starz?
 Bandit Starz is just a newly emerging lifestlye clothing brand based out of Charlotte North Carolina. (I spell out NC because I want yall to say it because that who we do this for) The brand itself has only been around a little over a month (Nov18) we actually released prematurely only because that date was so significant to me. Even with the premature launch we still managed to make a little noise in the “Buzz City” in such a short time.

What was so significant about the date though?

Because the sky was Carolina Blue and it was a day that Lord had made and I was overly rejoiced to begin on that date. Nah it was the date for the biggest art, music, clothing and sneaker festival in North Carolina, called the #AMCSBODEGA.  It was one of my goals to vend at that event when I first moved to Charlotte.  I thought why not debut the brand at event and it actually turned out pretty dope.

What you never said what Bandit Starz actually stands for!

Bandit Starz are the people who are relentlessly working hard in the background to steal the position or spotlight from the complacent no longer deserving people in the forefront. Whether you’re that background singer trying turn lead, or that hungry red shirt freshman that’s ready to prove his worth. If you are on the grind daily working hard to get to the top in whatever field that may consist of, you’re pretty much what we consider a Bandit Star.

We wanted to set a new standard for quality in our city with our brand. We wanted to saturate the city of Charlotte with dope shit. There are several t-shirt lines in the city we wanted everyone to know the difference between a Clothing Brand and a t-shirt line. So we taking the necessary strive to do so and I think that’s why we’ve been received so well thus far. The Jim Crow laws have everybody wanting to compete with each other but I understand this is not a race but only a marathon. We are in it for the long haul, we only competing with ourselves here at Bandit Starz everything is simply a distraction from us becoming great.

Our first collection was simply to get our feet wet, learn the logistics of the business on what works and what don’t. The 2014 spring collection is when we going all in.
You can find us IG at BANDITSTARZ we’re on facebook as well just search banditstarz. The website is www.banditstarz.com. My personal IG is Coolflydapper Any inquiries email us at justin@banditstarz.com we are looking for more graphic designers an more promo model so feel free to email.

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Miss Elisa K. said...

From my state and never knew about them! Great exposure for their brand. Great post!