Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Brown Bag Project Happy Hour Event 10/18

What Is The Brown Bag Project?

You know that feeling you get when you hold the door open for an elderly lady or pull up to a red light and give that homeless man you see every morning a single dollar bill.  That feeling of wholeness; where it feels like you just won the lottery.  Why do we feel so good about ourselves when we do something uplifting for a complete stranger?  That’s what The Brown Bag Project is all about.

Beginning Monday, October 14 and ending with an after work happy hour event on Friday, October 18, the doors of Penn Social will be open for you to stop by and drop off “lunch-related” snack items that will be packaged into brown bags and distributed to homeless persons all throughout the Washington Metro Area the morning of Saturday, October 19.  To those people in need, to those complete strangers, that brown bag will represent more than food.  It will represent a need they thought they would go days without. 

Each one of you have had your own “brown bag” moment where you’ve felt joy from doing for others what they didn’t have the capacity to do for themselves.  After taking a look at this video (The Thai Mobile Advert That Has Everyone Weeping), which inspired me to start The Brown Bag Project, I would like to hear from you!

On Twitter and/or Facebook, share your thoughts on The Brown Bag Brown Project and let us know the moments where you’ve done a random act of kindness similar to that in the video, using the following hashtag: #TheBrownBagProject

A special thanks to PATisDOPE, DMV Followers and Penn Social for supporting and sponsoring The Brown Bag Project!!  - Dior Ginyard

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