Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dee Goodz - "Time Machine" (Video)

Dee Goodz gears up to drop his first debut album entitled, "FFM" via his AllGoodz imprint. He starts his promo off by releasing a self directed, cinematic and exciting music video/ trailer for the upcoming album.

The visual is for the track entitled, "Time Machine." The record was produced by none other than Wehatebjones (who you should be familiar with if you are hip to the Dee Goodz mixtape catalog).

In the video Dee takes us on a bike stroll through his hometown of Nashville, Tn. When asked about what he was trying to express through the direction of the video Dee stated,

"The visual is an expression from a dark period in my life, it was a time of loneliness and peril that I was experiencing just before getting the opportunity to come to NYC to create the "FFM" album. In the song I express lyrically how I escaped from out of that f*ed up mind state, and then what it felt like when I was able to navigate my way to a place of clarity. When I wrote that song, I didn't have a car at the time, so I didn't want to put a car in the video, ya know... I need all my visuals to be authentic to what they are supposed to portray."

The video was edited by Tremaine Edwards.
Cinematography by Dustin Lane.

Be sure to keep up with Dee Goodz via his twitter (@Dgoodz) and Instagram (@Dgoodz), or check #FFM coming soon!

-The AllGoodz Company

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