Monday, July 15, 2013

Eyedeal Bayano - No Longer Boxed In (Album)

It honors me to introduce you to Eyedeal Bayano, hip-hop recording artist and songwriter from Silver Spring, Maryland by way of Panama.  He has recently released an album titled "No Longer Boxed In". I am really excited about this artist's debut because he is the most talented Hip-Hop artist that I have witnessed who is not known on a large scale yet.  His story telling and lyricism, epic choruses, production and incorporation of his Latino roots and his culture really bring a freshness to the current-day atmosphere of Hip-Hop and this is something that many fans will love for years to come.  The pain and charisma can really be felt through every syllable on this album, and it is utterly amazing to see such superior talent out of our own DMV area.  "No Longer Boxed In" is the story of a son of 2 Panamanian immigrants seeking self-discovery.  Along the journey, Eyedeal Bayano encounters the monsters of pain, the evils of pleasure, and he finds out that his best guide along this excursion is actually rooted in his own culture and upbringing.  The music on this album is beautiful and life-changing to say the least.  This album is laid out like a novel, with 17 chapters (songs) full of thrillers along this continuous story.  It is available for purchase now on iTunes,, Google Play, Spotify, and is also streamed for free at . 

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