Thursday, July 11, 2013

#DMV meet comedian Chris Mason

Christopher Aaron Mason “AKA” Chris Mason was born March 6, 1991, he is an actor and comedian born and raised in Washington, DC. He has from day one always been someone who genuinely enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces. Chris first began his acting career in high school his 11th grade year as the lead role of Jesus Christ in the play “The Living Passion” which he was awarded for an outstanding lead performance. He transferred high schools his Sr. year where he went from Archbishop Carroll High School to Friendship Collegiate Academy which was a tough transition for. Ironically though he had his doubts about changing schools, this would be the beginning of bigger and better things for him. He graduated from Friendship Collegiate Academy in 2009, he received several sports scholarship but do to not meeting clearing-house regulations he could not accept them right away, so Chris attended Prince Georges Community College (PGCC). There he met a friend who offered a modeling opportunity to him, what he thought was “crazy” because he’d never done it before but he realized it could help advance his acting which slowly kept coming back in his mind as a possible career. He started modeling and doing small roles in local films until he got his first break in 2010 as Martin Vail in a remake of the film “Primal Fear” which was a student film at Howard UniversityIt was well received by its viewers and the director, Howard student Catrice Canty-Pope. That very moment is where Chris put his sports dreams to the side and decided to go all in with acting. Going into 2011 he did several small and miscellaneous roles throughout the summer which he found on Craigslist or just through word of mouth. So a year went by and things got pretty stagnant until Chris was presented with what he called an “opportunity of a lifetime”, he was offered to host his very own weekly comedy show in the heart of Washington, DC on November 8th 2012.

He took that opportunity by storm even though becoming a comedian wasn’t really on his horizon but he knew it could help expand his acting career so he did it. When needed to find someone to help him take it further he teamed up with fellow actor/comedian and former high school teammate Rob Gordon. Rob had been much further along than Chris but the opportunity would be just the exposure that they both needed, from there on it was “history”. Rob and Chris continuously sold the place out and people loved them. They became business partners and took their careers to new heights. They collaborated on several projects in comedy until they took their first big step in March 2013 writing a drama (short)film entitled “God Is Good” which they both starred in as well. The film was so well received and produced that people believe it had a major budget behind it which was not the case at all. They plan to turn the movie into a full-length feature this summer. Chris has several more personal projects he’s working on as well including work with his #YuungFunny comedy team which plan to take comedy by storm, so be on the lookout for him because you could see his face on the big screen one day

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