Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Travis Dupri-Different Day Same Shit "Paying Homage" (Video)

When you think of West Virginia you may not think about music, but West Virginian rapper Travis Dupri is in route to changing that with putting his state on the map. With a growing following throughout the state and a background that travels to Silver Springs, MD. Travis is gaining attention up the on the east coast quickly. The lyrical, balenciaga wearing, West Virginia repping artist is no stranger to the lights, he's been on a college tour throughout pa and West Virginia which put him infront of all different types of crowds. Check out his latest vlog titled "Same Day Different Shit" season 2 Ep 2 "Pay Homage" Where Travis pays homage to everyone who has blessed West Virginia with its presence. Also Follow Travis Dupri on Twitter @TravisDupri 

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