Sunday, January 20, 2013

Leaderz Of The New Skool (Anthem)

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Gamechangers. You EIther Change The Game Or You Sit On The Bench! 

Executive Producer and DJ/Host (BET Music Matters Tour 2012) has created a lane for the young, the fresh, and the dope artists of tomorrow! A lane for starving, hungry artists that only strive to create true, genuine music to feed the ears of your soul!

From Hip Hop Soul to R&B and even Pop, Jae Murphy's purpose is to create countless and classic collaborations with artists of today but most of all with the future artist of tomorrow! 

In 2013, he believes that there is a new era, a new generation, and new breed of unheard artists with untold stories for the world. They are the: Leaderz Of The New Skool (#LOTNS). 

The premier single produced by Kelly Portis, "Leaderz Of The New Skool (Anthem)," features sounds from Blake Kelly, Nickolas Sneed, Kid Named Breezy, and Boozy Bee!

"The New Era, The New Generation, The New Breed: Leaderz Of The New Skool." - Jae Murphy 

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dope! HU