Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(Fashion) Kreemo "Text" Beanie & "Bulls" Crew Neck Now Available!

Kreemo "Text" Beanie Now Available

Before the release of the spring 2013 collection, we have decided to give our supporters another opportunity to enjoy our A/W products. Now available via our online store is our all black Kreemo"Text" beanie hat. The beanie is 100% cotton and features the "Kreemo" text embroidered in a white font on the center front. We are also excited to announce the re-release of our infamous Kreemo“Bulls” crew neck sweater. This item is extremely limited and will be available for a short time period. Lastly we have restocked several of our most sought after garments including the all black Kreemo “Text” pullover** and the K Lips” pullover. With that being said, head over to our online store and get your Kreemo apparel before its sold out.

The Kreemo "Bulls" Crew Neck Sweater Is Back

Kreemo "K Lips" Pullover Hoodie Now Back In Stock

Wiz Khalifa performing in the Kreemo "K Lips" tank top

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