Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why can't we compare Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar's Album? with PATisDOPE (Video)

Why can't we compare the two? They are both young talented rappers who recently released their first solo albums. Kendrick is called the west coast Nas and has received the support and recognition by industry legends like Dr.Dre. Meek is the voice of Philly and signed to Rick Ross' MMG, a label that churns out back to back hits. So it's safe to say these artists are among the hottest out, but who had the better album...? Most of us aren't lyrical fans exclusively, and many simply won't take the time to understand what Kendrick has to say. Mass consumption of music is by those that would rather hear the club bangers and hood classics that Meek presents to us. Is it all of the industry chatter and support by hip hop icons that have everyone calling his work an instant classic or IS THIS ALBUM REALLY GREAT? The most standout tracks in my opinion are "B*itch Don't Kill My Vibe", "Money Trees" and "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst" and the rest are hit or miss. Meek starts off strong with the album intro, to be expected as an MMG artist, and I have grown to love radio hits "Young & Gettin It" and "Amen". But I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the Nas feature on "Maybach Curtains". So with that being said I'll give the edge to #GKMC. And with a #2 debut on the Billboard charts and first-week sales beating out every hip-hop release to date this year, I can't be the only one to think this. Kendrick had the better album but not by far. Based on the current state of affairs in hip-hop, we needed an album like his, but don't count Meek out. With his demonstrated work ethic I feel he can and will make a better second album. Both are dope young artists and will have great careers. - PATisDOPE

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