Friday, October 26, 2012

(Update) Oct 27th: Black And White Affair

We are two days away from our Black and White Affair Homecoming Event which will be the biggest party ever in DMV. We have succeed in getting over 400 people to come and see this new chapter of deaf community. Def Familia has made a promise to rise the bar to send the message out to both deaf and hearing world that we will be entering the new era, new generation, and the revolution of Def Familia Entertainment. Since six years in the making, some people have had doubts but now that this event is the most talked about not just in DMV but in all over the states, people are starting to respect our company where respect is due. Even though our VIP and pay in advance tickets have been sold out, please come out and support our event wearing Black and White for $20 or $25 if not wearing the required colors. You don't want to miss out internationally well known Deaf DJ Robbie Wilde and DMV's its own DJ Kazeem. Also, three main performers Aarron Loggins, Manchild, and Nauradon. Not only DJ and performers, but our own Slim D Films under Def Familia Vision will be at the premise capturing every minute of the event! At last but not at least, the founder and CEO of Def Familia Entertainment - De'Angelo Brown will be in the building also to enjoy the night as we all celebrate watching our mission come alive which is bringing the best of both worlds together! Make sure you all follow us @Deffamilia @famochild @AarronLoggins @DeafKing85 @thatdeafdj on twitter and treading #BlackAndWhiteAffair 1 DEF LUV!

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