Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet, The Block Brothas

[BIO] The Block Brothas, consisting of the two EJay (Left) and J.Smiles (Right). Many have tried to make it in this viscous rap game , some have succeed and numerous have failed. The Block Brothas come straight out of Harlem ready to tear the rap game apart. With a sound that can appeal to more than just the city that their from, its safe to say this duo is up next . A duo like this hasn't been heard in the industry thus far. Eric the oldest of the two better known as E-Jay began rapping in his teenage years, after being influenced by his uncle and his younger brother. E-Jay's passion for music has grown over years and is felt through his music delivery. His raspy recording voice makes the listeners gravitate to him in an incredible way. E-Jay once had basketball dreams, but that shortly was out the window when he got exposed to the melodies which he soon feel in love with. With a style of rap that most artist from the city of New York lacks he brings the type of presence to the music that listeners wont forget. Jermaine the youngest of the two known as J.Smiles, but prefers his stage name as JDot Smiles had a vision of becoming an elite aspect to the music industry since his junior high school years. J.Smiles has been surrounded by music all his life and quickly adapted to the once hobby, now to a career of making what he calls “everyday life melodies”. Known for his catchy similes, quirky metaphors, and a very appealing way of telling real life story lyrics has made him his own individual. " Let the music speak... " - The Block Brothas Miguel - Adorn x J.Smiles (BlockBrothas) The Block Brothas own JDotSmiles put the yellow tape on Miguel's Hit Single "Adorn" ! Not much to be said but LISTEN, LIKE, and SHARE !! Follow THEM on Twitter (@BLOCKBROTHAS) and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! H's up for them Hamptons!

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