D.C. Caribbean Fest 2011 Brawl


It never fails ..

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Anonymous said...

smh @ this

Meek said...

Absolutely NO fucking sense! This needs to be the LAST "carnival"! pointless! "We" show our asses!

Anonymous said...

Who is "we"? The Caribbean carnival is about peace, love, and unity to support and honor Caribbean culture. This brawl was not related to the Caribbean carnival OR Howard University. There were no Caribbean teenagers involved in this ridiculous brawl. Most carnivals do not end like this. These are local African-American teenagers ruining a wonderful celebration. The carnival should not end. I'm sad that this is being attached to the Caribbean festival. The Caribbean parade had already ended for over 2 hours when this happened. This is local non-Caribbean youth walking around starting crap. After the parade ended there was a festival in a fenced-in area. These youth did not want to pay to get in there and were just walking up and down the street. Nothing to do with the Caribbean community.

@imSoRecklesss said...

I'm half jamaican, and this say is to celebrate the culture and endure the festivities of the day, but year after year it never fails the same thing happens,and it has to end early. I was there, I saw this fight and the many others that occured. What is also strange to me is that as many police as there were present this fight had multiple rounds and took place for atleast 15 min before any police showed up.
Also when Meek said, "WE" i think he/she was referring to the african americans. As african american it never fails we somehow always seem to show our ass. On this day there were numerous fights, stabbings, and shootings all involving african americans. "We" gotta do better.

Anonymous said...

CANCEL the festival, period! Let the Caribbean people go home to the islands for their carnival celebrations. Perhaps when all of the festivals,other summer activities, parades, etc. that are primarily attended by socially inept blackasses are cancelled, the local blackasses will move out of the city and normal black people can stop being embarrassed. Yes, I said normal because that subhuman behavior was definitely not normal!

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