Thursday, October 30, 2014

(New Music) Tahlee Bundlez - Lean

Lyquin - Ambtions (Feat. Black Cobain) Shot by @thisismarlow

Official video for @Lyquin and @BlackCobain's smash street single "Ambitions" shot and edited by Marlow (@thisismarlow) and @SincereCreate, co-directed by AJ (@StaxxFifth)

Kontrah The - Kontrahdiction LP

After beating a potential 33 year sentence, Baltimore native, Kontrah follows up the digital success of Higher Learning: My Lower Self, with The Kontrah Diction LP. A classic album from one of the best emerging artists. Send ALL Feedback to social networks (won't be checking comments) Twitter: @Kontrahdiction Instagram @Kontrahdiction #M4R #Muzik4Robotz #DAFTClothing #KontrahdictionLP #BALTIMOREGOTNOW FREE DWAYNE WEEZY PURNELL

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dre Willz - Errybody Freestyle (Video)

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Major Mayo - Windows (Video)

The first installment of a series of music videos from LTD: Limited Edition. Written and recorded by producer/rapper Mayo. Shot and directed by Alex Acosta, Prestige Filmworks.