Wednesday, August 9, 2017

TopShottaFi - BLessons (Strem + Review)

To be honest I found out about Fi while listening to the latest project by "Chuku100", the few features on that tape were dope. I have been covering the Khalaezzy Game movement for a while. BLessons is the title of this project by DMV artist "TopShottaFi" Hosted by DJ Blustar. His style is a little more different than most they call him the spitta and many times its proven. He goes straight in on the "New Level" intro letting the listeners understand how he is coming. DMV producer "Juggin Sweizy" was behind 90 percent of the tracks on this project, providing a griddy old school feel. Fi's style is a mixture of bars and making an actual song, "Really Popping" and "No Feelings" both have a message behind them that he was trying to get us to understand while the hook will be stuck in your head. I think thats a good thing for replay value. I like "No Feelings" its a cool song for whats going on in the culture today lol. The skits are pretty different I was confused until I heard a skit midway through the project, maybe they are incomplete songs that wasn't used, fun in the studio, and or just talks with the crew. I guess thats an interview question of course only thing I can do at this point is take a educated guess until the the actual answer is told to me. 

"Chuku100" joins him on "Gold Member" witch I think 

sounds the 
best on the project, 
once again a good hook with solid verses, 
good car music for a guy like me .. 
"Still Love My Exes and 
"Note To Self features artist 
"Maulie Mal, both tracks  
purpose could be inspired by the females in the past
or just actually stating that the come up in full effect, 
followed by "Permanent Scar" probably the 
realist tack on the project. 
We all can relate to the outro, 
and a lot of gems are dropped, and of course 
confessions, you get to know the regrets and 
some other things about the artist, more than 
just the music, its more personal ..

"Water", "Don't" and "Stay" are 3 bonus tracks 

on this project and they actually go in!
"Water" is very agressive more bars 
and with good flow on the beat! "Chuku100" 
is back on the "Don't" track its a
more of a hype club turn up track, 
and of course that is what "Chuku100" does, 
and it is needed on any project
for the balance. We singed out with 
"Stay" with the classic sample mixed with 
some auto-tune, provided a nice feel for the 
ladies, and its crazy i just listened to that a few times!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Phara0h - St. Nick (Video)

Valley Visions 

Monday, July 24, 2017

JZL - Miss Me Produced by Miles Sloan

#MuzicMondayz current mood: MI$$ ME Produced by Miles Sloan.
Miss Me- Track 16 on "The Awesome Experience of JZL Vol. 1" available on

Brooklyn - Blue Faces ft. ForSmoothe

Brooklyn ft. ForSmoothe "Blue Faces"
Prod. By - (Redz&MJ & RJMusiq)

JZL - Bout My Bread Ft. 1200 Money (Video)

Single Now Available:

Taken from The Awesome Experience of JZL Volume 1:

An ACMATIC Production
Directed by Jay Vega

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TopShottaFi - BLessons (Mixtape)

Shotta's back!!! The K.G.H.B (Khalaezzy Game Hot Boy) hot spitter has returned with with his sophomore mixtape titled BLessons. The tape is laced with 14 tracks and is hosted by Dj Blustar. It also features guest appearances from Khalaezzy Game's Maulie Mall and Chuku100 as well as production from local producer Juggin Sweizy. Fi seems to have re-invented his overall sound on this project and has reminded us why the KhalaezzyGame crew was a set worth keeping an eye on! Download the tape below and give it a listen!!!Follow Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @TopShottaFi @KhalaezzyGame & The DJ @DJBlustar Bookings and Features:

Slim Diviacci - The Diamond Tape (Mixtape)

Hosted by Dj Big Migoo
Released July 10, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Euno Black - All I Ever Wanted (Video)

AveLife World Wide artist, the duel threat Euno Black. Check out his 2nd single and 1st Official visual "All I Ever Wanted" as featured on 93.9 WKYS FM. The single "Off The Couch available on iTunes NOW!

JZL - Bout My Bread ft. 1200 Money & Mally Free

#MuzicMondayz continues with Bout My Bread ft. 1200 Money & Mally Free
Bout My Bread - Track 13 on "The Awesome Experience of JZL Vol. 1" available on

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chuku100 - "Party Hopper" Stream + Review

Click HERE to stream/download 

Chuku100 repping that "KhalaezzyGame" to the fullest, is back with his much talked about and in my opinion solo branded project titled "Party Hopper", Hosted by DJ Bluestar. I don't really know what a "Party Hopper" is now days but i'm a big fan of artist putting effort in artwork along with telling a story, I appreciate this, and i'm sure his supporters and gained fans with the DMV were attracted to it. Listening to the into I asaw where he was going with this project, hype, hyped up and giving the supporters a fly fun vibe, its all about the party and now days with the youth thats what its all about and he instantly explains who he is as am artist and what he thinks of the culture with speaking on his swag in the track "Who I Am" and that's always necessary coming from the DMV thats our thing. The record seems very party like of course just like the title. 

When I review any tape I look for the change in records, I think the sound changed once we hit track 4 featuring "Top Shotta Fi" titled "My Life". The track was somewhat personal with a great feature verse thats always important, most underground artist can mess a good song up with a feature but not this time, I think it was very fitting for the tape!

Other than a "Maulie Mal" feature "Top Shotta Fi" is the only other artist featured on this project, that allowed Chuku100 to shine and provide us with all of him, that is very important most artist tend to lean on featuring to hold them down on tapes.

"Summarize" and "Bout Dat Time" get mid into the project and its still more fun and possible club bangers left. Chuku100 rides the beat in his on way, and provides a quotable hook most times from himself, that could become an issue, but it seems to work for him and his style, so you cant knock it or can you ? That's for the listener to decide. I personally think it doesn't hurt his style or making music.

The song that I was looking for this whole time is also featured by "Top Shotta Fi" titled "No Degree". My reason is simple I needed something to ride to with a purpose and message along with a change of vibe with replay value. Reply value is very important a project should always have a track that you want to hear over and over, if it doesn't its an issue, but we are safe. I like the flow and also the production sounds so clean. Still successful in his own right with no degree, rap is the hustle he went with and he is sticking to it, that's exactly what I got from my favorite track on this project!

Tracks "What You Want" and "Sick & Tired" conclude the project, but they are followed by 2 bonus tracks. "Party Hopper" track after track provided different party tracks and or feelings of events and different themes. I think I understand the purpose and it was delivered, if you don't feel the same way you might be looking to deep, stick to the script as a fan of music and you probably catch my drift - PATisDOPE